About Mom’s Medicine Chest Inc.

Mom’s Medicine Chest was created by a pharmacist to provide easy to understand and practical advice to parents concerning medications for their children. With so many products on the market, we try to give parents the best and most accurate information available, so they can make the best decisions for their family.

Evidence Based Medicine

Not every child is the same; therefore, not every recommendation will be the same for every child. We strongly believe in evidence-based medicine, which means that there are scientific studies and trials to support our medication recommendations. In many cases, making the choice to not give your child any medication (which we refer to as non-pharmacological choices) is the best. For new parents, these decisions are difficult and frightening, and we hope to help guide you through these choices to keep you and your children healthy.

Advice and Recommendations

The advice and recommendations we give at Mom’s Medicine Chest are not a substitute of your pediatrician or family physician. We strongly encourage parents to contact their doctor if their child is sick and they are concerned. In some cases, a prescription may be needed to help your child.  At Mom’s Medicine Chest we focus on common childhood ailments that can be treated easily with available over-the-counter (OTC) products. Although many of our recommendations are for OTC medications, parents still need to follow dosing guidelines very carefully, and only give the appropriate medicine and dose to your child.

Credentials & Expertise

As a pharmacist, my expertise is in medicine and counseling patients. I received a Doctorate in Pharmacy and belong to numerous pharmacy associations. I have over a decade of experience in retail pharmacy and a Children’s Hospital. In addition to my professional accreditations, I am also a Mom. I have a particular passion to educate parents on appropriate medicines and their uses in children. To keep parents up-to-date on news concerning the health of their family, I have started a monthly newsletter. My goal for the newsletter is to thoroughly answer questions that Moms have about their child’s medications or illness. Many times, if one Mom has a question, many other Moms have that same question. So please, e-mail me your questions and we can tailor the newsletter to your needs. 

Amanda Garner, PharmD
Founder/CEO Mom’s Medicine Chest, Inc.                               Amanda Garner copy